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Next events

La forma del vuoto - Daniela Capaccioli

Giardino della Lumaca | Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta

23th December - 25th February 2018

... cercando di catturare l'invisibile e l'impalpabile...
dargli forma, colore, aspetto
e vederlo cambiare, apparire, scomparire.
"Plasmare" il vuoto che ci circonda.

Born in Italy in 1973, after graduating in School of Fine Arts in Milan in 1993, specializing in set design, she worked as set designer assistant for various Italian theaters collaborating in the creation and construction of sets. Arrived in France in 2000, she began to devote herself to sculpture and discovered the enclosure finding her way to work it.

Dalla mente alla Mano

Course of propaedeutic, formation and in-depht analysis for the realization of sculptural works

Registration extended until 2/18/2018
March 5th - 30th 2018

The course “From the Mind to the Hand” is dedicated to whom would like to engage themselves at a working level with Sculpture and its related disciplines, especially interested in the direct contact and confrontation with professionals of the various fields, by offering the students tools and information “applicable” to the working reality. The didactic course is divided in a theoretical module and in a practical module, 60 hours each. It foresees exclusive visits to studios of worldwide renown artists who have been working in Pietrasanta and a stage at the artisan laboratories on the territory.